Quid Pro Quo keeps you apprised of server status through its two display windows. The Activity Log displays a subset of the information that appears in the server log file. The Status window contains a graphical display of your site's activity.

The Configure Windows Dialog

The windows are easy to configure, as there is not much for the user change. Quid Pro Quo allows you to set the font and the font size of the activity log window. You can also set which windows appear when Quid Pro Quo first starts up.

The Status Window

The Status window gives you an at-a-glance view of the traffic on your web site. The large display is a histogram indicating your site's recent history. This graph is updated every three seconds, taking a snapshot of the current number of connections. The progress bar below it shows the current number of connections. It is updated every time the number of connections changes.

The Status Window

The "Maximum" is the number of connection threads that Quid Pro Quo has listening for incoming connections. The "Current" value indicates the number of client connections currently being serviced. The "Total" is the combined number of hits that your server has serviced since coming on-line. Finally, the "Port" is the TCP port number on which Quid Pro Quo is listening for connections. This is usually port 80, the well-known HTTP port.

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