This documentation contains the information you need to get Quid Pro Quo up and running on your site. Click any of the following topics for more information about the subject you are interested in.

Welcome to Quid Pro Quo introduces the Quid Pro Quo World Wide Web server.

Working With MIME Types describes how to configure Quid Pro Quo to recognize files of different types so that they will display correctly on your clients' web browsers.

Introduction to CGIs demonstrates how to create and use your own CGIs in AppleScript and C so you can customize your site to suit your needs.

User-Defined Actions provides the information necessary to set up CGI scripts and applications to run as actions, extending Quid Pro Quo's built-in file handling capabilities.

Restricting Access to Your Site shows how Quid Pro Quo can be configured to allow or deny clients access to your server based on where they are connecting from.

Setting Default Files outlines the files that Quid Pro Quo sends to the client under certain circumstances, such as when a requested file is not found or a client does not have permission to access requested file.

The Server Log File introduces the logging capabilities of Quid Pro Quo, as well as how to configure server logging to suit your needs.

Miscellaneous Settings are the configuration parameters that don't fit into other categories.

Creating and Using Realms describes the primary security feature of Quid Pro Quo. Using realms, you can restrict access to a certain file or group of files, requiring a password for authorization.

Configuring Network Settings shows how to configure Quid Pro Quo's network parameters, such as the number of simultaneous connections and the TCP port on which Quid Pro Quo listens for incoming connections.

Quid Pro Quo Windows tells you what's going on in those windows you see when Quid Pro Quo is running.

Using Server Side Includes describes how to create and use Server Side Includes (SSI) documents. SSI documents allow you to create dynamic web pages without using CGIs.

Quid Pro Quo Plug-ins shows you how to use the included image-map, hit counter, and directory indexing plug-ins, as well as decsribing how to add other plug-ins to extend your web server.

The Glossary provides a quick reference to the various terms you will find scattered throughout this document.

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