The Quid Pro Quo index plug-in allows you to automatically generate HTML-based indexes of your server directories. The index plug-in scans a requested directory, and dynamically generates a HTML reply containing a list of files. File icons are extracted from the Macintosh Desktop Database and converted to gif images on the fly. The result is a Finder-like display of a folder's contents.

Using the Index Plug-in as the Default File

If you would like a directory index to be generated automatically whenever a user requests a directory path, such as , simply set your default file to the suffix that the index plug-in maps to, ".idxi".

To do this, open the Configure dialog by choosing "Configure..." from the Control menu. Click on the Default Files icon. In the default files panel, enter ".idxi" in the Default File text field. Click the "OK" button, and Quid Pro Quo will be properly configured.

Using the Index Plug-in with SSI

The index plug-in was specifically designed to work with Quid Pro Quo's built in server side includes capability. Using the two together, you can create custom directory indexes for each of the directories on your server. For instance, you can include a custom header and footer for each of your server's directories.

To begin creating custom directory indexes, set your default file to "default.shtml" as described above. Alternatively, you can use "default.html" if you have mapped the ".html" suffix to the SSI action. Next, create an HTML file called "default.shtml". Using your favorite HTML editor, add to it any information or graphics that you would like to appear in your directory indexes. Then, with a text editing program such as BBEdit, open the HTML document and insert:

<!--#exec virtual="/folder1/folder2/.idxi"-->

where you would like to directory index to appear. Replace the "/folder1/folder2/" with the actual path to the file. For instance, in the example above, the file is assumed to be

Finally, drop a copy of your new file in all the folders that for which you would like the index to be available. Try connecting to your server, using a URL pointing to a directory containing your default.shtml file to see the results of your handiwork.

The Quid Pro Quo inded plug-in uses the gd GIF library, Copyright 1994, 1995, Quest Protein Database Center, Cold Spring Harbor Labs.

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