Using the Quid Pro Quo image map plug-in you can quickly and easily add clickable image maps to your site.

About Map File Format

The Quid Pro Quo image map plg-in is capable of reading and interpreting maps in either NCSA or CERN map file format. Many HTML generation programs, such as Adobe PageMill and Claris HomePage, are capable of creating image map files in NCSA format. There are also a number of stand-alone shareware and freeware products available for creating these map files.

Although it is unlikely that you will ever need to manually modify a map file, information on the NCSA file format can be obtained at the NCSA httpd web site.

Adding an Image Map to Your Page

Once you have generated you image map and its corresponding map file in your favorite HTML editor, adding it your page is simple. Simple add the IMG tag as usual, but with the ISMAP qualifier. For instance:

<A HREF="/"><IMG ISMAP SRC="/examplemap.gif"></A>

This uses the coordinates specified in the map file "/" to determine how to process input when a user clicks in the "/examplemap.gif" image.

Because configuration of suffix and action mappings is automatic with plug-ins, there is no other configuration for you to perform. Simply drop the image map plug-in to your Quid Pro Quo plug-ins folder, and the plug-in will take care of the rest.

Hit Counter uses the gd GIF library, Copyright 1994, 1995, Quest Protein Database Center, Cold Spring Harbor Labs.

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