Quid Pro Quo ships with a number of plug-ins that you can use to enhance and customize your web site. Quid Pro Quo can use plug-ins built with both the MOS plug-in API and the WebSTAR API, so that any plug-ins written for other Macintosh web servers that support MOS and W*API are fully compatible with Quid Pro Quo.

This page links to the instructions for using Quid Pro Quo's most useful plug-ins.

Image Map

The Image Map plug-in allows you to create server-side imagemaps on your site with no need for external CGIs. It uses NCSA-format .map files, allowing you to create in imagemaps in a variety of HTML and GIF editing programs.


The Indexer plug-in automatically indexes your server's folders. Simply set your default file preference correctly and this plug-in will generate a list of files in any folder that your web clients request.

Hit Counter

The Hit Counter plug-in gives you an easy to use graphical hit counter for your web pages. It generates GIF images on the fly representing how people have accessed your site, and is highly customizable.

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