CGI Examples

Quid Pro Quo comes packaged with several examples of CGIs. You can use these as a basis for your own custom CGIs. Note that you must be accessing this page from your Quid Pro Quo server. If you've opened this page in your web browser directly from your hard drive (i.e., by choosing "Open File..." rather than "Open Location...") these will NOT work correctly.

AppleScript CGIs

echo.cgi is a very basic AppleScript application that simply echos back all the CGI variables passed to it by the web server. You can use this as a skeleton to create your own AppleScript CGIs. Since it's written in AppleScript, just open it in the ScriptEditor to view and edit the source code.

CGI Applications

echo.acgi is the same thing as the echo.cgi AppleScript, this time written in C. Since we handle the event loop in this one, we can make it asynchronous.

fortunecookie.acgi is a user-defined action handler. For this link to work, Quid Pro Quo must recognize this CGI as the handler for files with the suffix ".cookie". Quid Pro Quo comes pre-configured to do so. This CGI will return a random fortune taken from the .cookie file. It also works as standard CGI

randomurl.acgi shows how to embed CGI replies into a Server Side Include-processed document. SSI documents allow you to include the output of multiple CGI applications in the same document.

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