Copyright Notice

Quid Pro Quo is Copyright ©1996 Social Engineering Incorporated, All Rights Reserved.

Quid Pro Quo is freeware. This means that it is freely available for download and use. However, there are still restrictions on redistribution. You may NOT redistribute Quid Pro Quo for a fee (the only exception to this is for not-for-profit organizations such as user groups, which may redistribute Quid Pro Quo for a nominal fee to cover expenses directly related to distributing Quid Pro Quo, such as disk duplication costs). When redistributing Quid Pro Quo you MUST include the entire distribution, that is, you may only distribute the Quid Pro Quo installer. You may NOT redistribute Quid Pro Quo's individual components (the only exception to this is redistribution of your own CGI applications and scripts, which may be based on sample code included with the Quid Pro Quo distribution).

When redistributing the freeware version of Quid Pro Quo, keep in mind that I'm not making any money on it, so you shouldn't either.

Exceptions to the above rules may be made with the express consent of the author. Contact the author if you have any questions.

Thank you for choosing Quid Pro Quo as your World Wide Web server.

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