Quid Pro Quo Examples

The Quid Pro Quo is packaged with examples of both Server Side Includes and CGI scripts and applications. It does not include any general HTML examples, although any of the included pages could be used as such. With HTML editing tools such as PageMill and HotMeTaL, HTML knowledge is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

All of the sample CGIs shipped with Quid Pro Quo include full source code. You can use this code as an example of how to write your own CGIs, or you can extend the existing source to add any new capabilities you wish. Both AppleScript and high-level programming language (C and C++) examples are included. The examples range from the mundane (a CGI that simply echos back all the CGI variables passed to it) to the relatively complex (a threaded CGI that randomizes URLs from SSI pages).

The Server Side Includes examples are designed to show you how to use SSI in your own documents. Included are demonstrations of using environment variables in your document, inline inclusion of separate files in an HTML document, as well as the use of multiple CGIs in a single web page.

The Quid Pro Quo plug-in examples show how to use the plug-ins included with Quid Pro Quo to generate dynamic web pages. Using these plug-ins you can add features such as a graphical odometer-style hit counter to your web pages, or easily create user- clickable image maps.

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