Plug-In Examples

Quid Pro Quo includes the ability to use plug-ins that duplicate the functionality of external CGIs. However, since plug-ins share memory and processor time with Quid Pro Quo, they can run much faster and more efficiently than external CGIs. This page links to several examples of plug-in usage. Note that to use these examples, you must be accessing the page through the Quid Pro Quo web server, and NOT opening the files directly from your hard drive.

The Quid Pro Quo manual includes a section on using plug-ins.


The Indexer plug-in automatically indexes server directories. It scans a given folder for files, loads the file icons from the Macintosh's Desktop file and converts them to GIF images on the fly. The Indexer page shows how to use Server Side Includes in combination with the Indexer plug-in to create a custom directory index.

Hit Counter

This plug-in allows you to add graphical odometer-style hit counters to your pages. The hit counter allows you to customize its display with different fonts, colors and length. You can even add your own digits for a completely customized look.

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Image Map

The Image Map plug-in processes clickable-maps. Try clicking in the button bar below to see how it works.

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