URL Randomizer CGI

This page demonstrates the combined use of CGIs and Server Side Includes. When you opened this file in your browser (by connecting to a properly configured Quid Pro Quo server) this file was pre-processed to include the output of the URL Randomizer CGI. If you opened this file by choosing "Open File..." from your browser, none of this will work correctly.

Server Side Includes allow you to include the output of any CGI in your web page. You can even include the output of multiple CGIs in the same page, or call the same CGI more than once with different parameters. That is exactly what this page does. The URL Randomizer CGI is called twice, once as a direct call to the CGI, and again as a user-defined action handler.

Quid Pro Quo comes pre-configured to display this page correctly. If you've made any changes to your server's settings, make sure that ":cgi-bin:randomurl.acgi" is set up to be the action handler for files with the suffix ".rurl" and that files with the suffix ".shtml" will be handled by the SSI action. Both of these settings can be accessed from the MIME Mappings panel of the Configure dialog.

This is a link created by a direct call to the URL Randomizer CGI.

This is a link created by the URL Randomizer CGI running as a user-defined action

For information on creating your own Server Side Include documents or writing your own CGIs, see the Quid Pro Quo manual, which is included with every Quid Pro Quo distribution.

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