SSI Includes

You must have downloaded this file from a Quid Pro Quo server for this to work. If you opened this file by choosing "Open File..." from your web browser, the information in this page will not display correctly.

Here's the contents of the file "example.cookie", which is the input file for the Fortune Cookie CGI:

You will use peanut butter to get that gum out of your hair. You will order the kung pao chicken next time. You will modify the example.cookie file to add your own fortunes. You will watch Seinfeld this week, but it will be a rerun. You will give up trying to understand Confucian philosophy.

Here's the contents of "cgi.rurl", the input file for the URL Randomizer CGI:

/default.html /html/cgiexamples.html /html/logger.html /html/copyright.html /Manual/cgiintro.html /Manual/configactions.html /Manual/configallow.html /Manual/configfiles.html /Manual/configlogfile.html /Manual/configmimetypes.html /Manual/configmisc.html /Manual/configrealms.html /Manual/configtcp.html /Manual/configwin.html /Manual/contents.html /Manual/default.html /Manual/glossary.html /Manual/ssi.html

The following footer is in the file "footer":

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