SSI Environment Variables

You must have downloaded this file from a Quid Pro Quo server for this to work. If you opened this file by choosing "Open File..." from your web browser, the information in this page will not display correctly. For more information than you ever wanted to know about SSI environment variables, see the SSI documentation.

Here's examples of all the environment variables currently supported by Quid Pro Quo:

Server Software: QuidProQuo/1.0.1
This is the name of the server, which is always "Quid Pro Quo".

Server Name:
The domain name of the server. If no domain name is available, this contains the IP address of the server.

Server Protocol: HTTP/1.0
Always "HTTP/1.0"

Server Port: 80
The TCP port this copy of Quid Pro Quo is running on. This is usually 80, the well-known HTTP port.

Request Method: GET
This is the HTTP command that the client used to download the file. On SSI files, this is invariably "GET".

Remote Host:
The domain name of the client, if available, otherwise the IP address of the client.

Remote Address:
The IP address of the client.

Authorization Type:
If the page is in a realm (and thus requires authorization) this is the type or authorization used. Usually blank, but may contain "Basic".

Remote User:
If the user entered a user name in their browser preferences, this is where it would show up. This field is often blank.

Content Type:
The MIME types of the data that the user is POSTing. This is usually blank.

Content Length:
The length of the data that the user is POSTing. Usually blank.

Document Name: ssivariables.shtml
The name of the document being served.

Document URL: /html/ssivariables.shtml
The URL of the document being served.

Local Date: 08:09 AM Wednesday, June 19, 2019
The current time.

Greenwich Mean Time: 11:09 PM Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Last Modified Date: 11:54 AM Sunday, November 03, 1996
The date of the current file's last modification.

Page Count: 0
The number of hits that the current page has received

Total Hits: 187
The total number of hits that Quid Pro Quo has serviced.

The URL of the page that referred the user to this page. May be blank.

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